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      As every Superman fan knows, Superman was born on the planet Krypton. His parents were Jor-el and Lara, who were killed when Krypton exploded. Over the more than 60 years Superman has been around, the look of Krypton has changed in the comics and in the movie and TV versions. Here are some video captures showing the way Krypton has looked in the Fleischer Superman cartoons, the Superman serial starring Kirk Alyn, Adventures of Superman TV series, the Christopher Reeve movie Superman, the WB Kids TV movie Superman: Last Son of Krypton and the Henry Cavill movie Man Of Steel:

Krypton in the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons of the 1940's

Krypton in the Kirk Alyn SUPERMAN serial in 1948

Krypton in the George Reeves TV series ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, 1953

Krypton in the Christopher Reeve Superman movie, 1977

Krypton in the WB animated TV cartoons

Krypton in the WB movie MAN OF STEEL (2013)