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Gerard Christopher (Superboy/Clark Kent, 1989-1992); Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang); Sherman Howard (Lex Luthor, 1989-1992); George Chakiris (Dr. Peterson); Peter J. Fernandez (Matt Ritter); Salome Jens (Martha Kent); Stuart Whitman (Jonathan Kent); George Lazenby (Jor-el); Robert Levine (C. Dennis Jackson); Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Andy McAllister, 1989-1990) Tracy Roberts (Darla).
Directed by Reza Badiyi, Kenneth Bowser, Colin Chilvers, Jackie Cooper, David Grossman, Andre R. Guttfreund, David Hartwell, John Huneck, Danny Irom, Jefferson Kibbee, Peter Kiwitt, Richard J. Lewis, Hugh Martin, Chuck Martinez, Thierry Notz, David Nutter, Joe Ravitz, Tracy Roberts, Bryan Spicer, Mark Vargo and Robert Wiemer; Writers: Cary Bates, Paul Robert Coyle, J.M. DeMatteis, Mark Jones and Ilya Salkind; Produced by Julia Pistor and Ilya Salkind; Music by Kevin Kiner; Cinematography by John Huneck; Edited by John Elias and Michael T. Elias; Production Design by John Bortles and Alan E. Muraoka; Production Managers: Buck Allen and Barry H. Waldman; Stunt coordinater: Glenn R. Wilder. 1989-1992.


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