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Cast: George Reeves (Superman/Clark Kent); Noel Neill (Lois Lane); Chuck Connors (Sylvester J. Superman); Ben Welden ('Leftover' Louie Lyman); Marjorie Owens (Marge Holloway); Richard Garland (Steve Emmet); George Chandler (Hotel Clerk); Ralph Sanford (Buckets). Directed by George Blair; Written by David T. Chantler.

A gangly hillbilly who happens to be named Sylvester J. Superman Arrives in Metropolis to seek his fortune. The clueless Sylvester answers a classified ad for the "real" Superman, and before long has been hired by a woman named Marge to deliver a lemon meringue pie to her fiancé Steve, stationed at a remote Air Force weather base in Alaska. Meanwhile, gangster Leftover Louie has wagered $25,000 that he can convince his schoolmate Marge to bake him a fresh lemon meringue pie, even though she can't stand the sight of him. Inevitably, these two plot strands are intertwined, as a hopelessly confused Steve welcomes the vacuous Sylvester, a gun-toting Louie, and the honest-to-goodness Superman into his tiny snowbound shack!