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Bob Holiday (Superman/Clark Kent); Jack Cassidy (Max Mencken); Patricia Marland (Lois Lane); Eric Mason (Perry White); Linda Lavin (Sydney); Michael O'Sullivan (Dr. Abner Sedgwick); Don Chastain (Jim Morgan); Jerry Fujikawa (Father Ling); Bill Starr (Dong Ling); Murphy James (Tai Ling); Julieste Salve (Fan Po Ling); Michael Gentry (Ming Foo Ling); Joseph Gentry (Joe Ling).
Composer: Charles Strouse; Lyricist: Lee Adams; Book: David Newman and Robert Benton; Director: Harold Prince; Musical Direction: Harold Hastings; Orchestration: Eddie Sauter; Dance Arrangements: Betty Walberg; Scenery & Lighting: Robert Randolph; Costumes: Florence Klotz; Dances & Musical Numbers Staging: Ernest Flatt. 1966.